Ender T., Teacher, student of German

The general structure of the course worked really well for me. I liked the pressure of having quite a bit of homework each week. This kept German on my mind throughout the week since it was more work than I could do in a single night. I also liked how the assignments were separated into the four basic language skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking). Stavroula is an excellent teacher. I was extremely nervous before my first lesson and over our 3 months together, she calmed me down, walked me off the ledge, and got me to look forward to lessons.

You can read the whole interview here: https://languageandmotivation.com/student-of-german-breaks-silence-i-can-now-order-food-in-a-restaurant-without-visible-underarm-sweat/

Sani DeliEnder T., Teacher, student of German