Teacher Training

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Our Vision

We are changing the way languages are being taught!

What you can expect from this Teacher Training course

Attendance location and time
The training takes place on the educational platform Moodle and lasts 4 weeks.
Daily participation is needed, but attendance hours are flexible.

During the Week 1 the participants are trained in the method and the Weeks 2, 3 and 4 they practice it and understand it deeper.

Online Call. Get to know each other
All the participants and the trainer have a group live online meeting, to introduce themselves and get to know each other.

Week 1. Get started with the F.A.S.T. method
Registered teachers are able to access the platform, study, prepare their first educational material and respond at their own pace.

Day 1 : Get started with the F.A.S.T. method
Grasp the concept
Kick-off: Apply the method step-by-step – A1 level

Day 2 : Get Involved
Receive educational material (A0–B2 level)
Create your own material
Exchange material and input with your peers/trainer
Redefine the role of grammar

Day 3 : Keep students engaged
How to: assess learners
How to: correct writings
Motivate learners to stay in the flow

Day 4 : Take it further
The speaking part: A step-by-step-guide
How to: teach pronunciation efficiently
Tips for teachers and students
Go further – A2 level

Day 5 : Summarize
How to: Customize your lessons
Prepare the future challenges
Final feedback

Week 2. Q&A and forming groups
All the participants have a group live online meeting with the trainer, to ask any questions and be helped in order to be ready to start giving lessons to their colleagues.

Week 3. Practicing in groups
After forming couples or small groups the participants teach each other, at least two lessons. It gives them the opportunity to build teaching experience with the F.A.S.T. method and experience it as students, as well.

Week 4. Q&A and final feedback
Finally, one last group meeting takes place to share experiences and ask questions, express doubts and fears, excitement or whatever this training brings! All teachers are ready to apply the F.A.S.T. method to enable their students reach B1 level in 3 months!

We offer a digital certificate of competence to the teachers who successfully complete the course.  The certificate states that they can teach languages in 3 months with the F.A.S.T. method.

This training is aimed at foreign
language teachers.

Innovative, yet simple practices are suggested for a more effective teaching/learning process of foreign languages.

The F.A.S.T. method can be applied whether it is face-to-face, online, in private lessons, or in small groups.

Alternative assessment methods
are proposed to encourage and empower students.

  • Getting to know the Language and Motivation method has been a great surprise for me, as well as a challenge to try out a different way of teaching a foreign language. Sofia Karfi, thank you for this opportunity and for the excellent training in the method. I look forward to applying it.

    Anna X., teacher of German
  • My participation in the training was a completely constructive experience, which opened new horizons to the adult education methodology that I had not even imagined existed!

    Kostas I., teacher of German
  • During the training I discovered why it is so revolutionary. I started to feel and believe in the method more and more and now I could barely imagine teaching with a different method. Definitely the best teaching/learning method.

    Mahdy Y., teacher of Dutch
  • The training via Language and Motivation has given me a different view of teaching. It is motivating and special to see how quickly students achieve a higher level with this method.

    Deborah G., teacher of Dutch
  • We saw how the method works from theory to practice: we took material, made material, taught and learned in a holistic approach to the F.A.S.T. method.

    Stella P., teacher of French
  • It's for sure a revolutionary approach to teaching a foreign language! Sofia is the most appropriate person to communicate her knowledge and expertise to all her colleagues. Personally, I recommend her and this training without question because it opens up new roads to this continually changing and demanding field of foreign language teaching. Thank you Sofia!

    Maria E., teacher of French
  • Being a teacher at Language and Motivation is a wonderful experience. You meet new people and you also work with a great team!

    Anneta S., teacher of Dutch
  • Teaching German with F.A.S.T. method is a fast and interesting way to explore the language.

    Gogo T., teacher of German
  • With the F.A.S.T. method I hope to motivate many students to reach their language goals in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

    Jildou B., teacher of Dutch
  • The training was very useful, it suggests new tools, material and ideas! Sofia is wonderful as a trainer! She is always ready to answer, to clear out and suggest solutions to your questions! Thank you Sofia 🙂

    Natalia P., teacher of French
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