Fee deposit and Refund

In order to complete registration, the monthly or trimester fee needs to be paid before the first lesson. For monthly payments, a new invoice is issued on a monthly basis. 

If a student wants to cancel the enrollment up to seven days before the start of the course, the student will be refunded 50% of the enrollment fee on the bank account that the payment was made from. 

If the student stops attending the course on or after the starting date, the student has to pay the complete monthly fee.

The student is to send the request for refund to LM Language and Motivation administration by post at Bisonspoor 1161-26, 3605 KV Maarssen, Netherlands or via email at info@languageandmotivation.com. 

Any refund takes place within four weeks from the request. 

Cancellation of a lesson

Private lessons: Any cancellation or change in the time or the date of a lesson, needs to happen 24hrs prior to the scheduled lesson. Otherwise, the lesson time is going to be deducted from the purchased lesson-package, without any further announcement or refund.

Group lessons: When a member of a group has informed the teacher and the other member(s) on time, regarding a cancellation, then it needs to be taken into account and the lesson to be moved to the next possible date. In case one of the students cancels the lessons late or does not attend and other one attends, the lesson will be charged as usual. No extra private lesson will be provided to the student who missed the lesson.

All cancellation or postponement requests must be made in writing, via email to the corresponding teachers. 

Cancellation of the course

If the student stops the course before the end of the trimester and has remaining paid lessons, they can attend the course up to 6 months from the last lesson. They can also choose to donate the paid lessons to a person of their choice.

In both cases, the student needs to contact LM Language and Motivation via email at info@languageandmotivation.com.

If a student that participates in a group wants to stop the course before the end of the trimester there is a cancellation fee of 15€ per month that they did not complete.

For example, if someone decides to cancel after the first month, they will be asked for a 30€ cancellation fee (VAT included).

Educational Material

The educational material is paid once with registration and covers all levels up to C1 in Dutch and C2 in other languages.

In case that the student does not complete the first trimester, they have the right to receive the educational material that forms the 3-month course. They will receive it on their personal webspace which will be online up to four weeks after the last lesson.

From the 4th month and on, the educational material continues to be provided but if the student decides to stop, LM Language and Motivation is not obliged to provide any further educational material.

Intellectual Property Rights

All materials of LM Language and Motivation, including content, text, images, software, audio and video files, documentation remain at all time property of LM Language and Motivation or its suppliers. You may not post, distribute, use for commercial purposes, or reproduce, in any way, any materials without the prior written consent of LM Language and Motivation.

Privacy and Security Policy

Any personal or other information regarding enrolled students, collected by LM Language and Motivation directly, or by collaborating platforms, connected to LM Language and Motivation, is subject to our Privacy and Security Policy. If you have any questions about the LM Language and Motivation policy, please contact us.

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