BREAKING NEWS: Berna T., successfully passed inburgeringsexamen after 24 lessons

Congratulations Berna! Berna started as a beginner with group lessons of two! She completed the 3-month course and proceeded with individual lessons to better her Dutch and to pass the inburgeringsexamen. She decided to take it easy and after a total of 24 lessons she was more than ready. Do you have the same goals

…because Speaking is key!

Did you know that our educational material includes VIDEOS? This is the exercise that learners love the most! Why? Because it includes videos!  As as a beginner, each video is approximately 1-3 minutes long (max 3 mins). You activate the subtitles on and pay attention.  The goal is:  To understand what the video is about,

Traditional or F.A.S.T.?

Keeping it fresh…always!  Check out our new infographic, explaining in detail how the F.A.S.T. method helps you reach your desired level so efficiently.  Wish to learn more?

4+1 Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks!

The benefits of learning online are endless. Living in the digital age has its perks for the language learner, and they are certainly more than you think! Some people might say that a traditional school with physical presence is more effective, but we believe that this logic stands with a laptop constantly in your arms.Why,

Fondue, Chalets VS Learning German in Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for its unique linguistic landscape, where proficiency in multiple languages is not only admirable but also a societal norm. This linguistic diversity not only fosters effective communication but also presents a challenging yet rewarding journey for expats who strive to understand and incorporate the mosaic of cultures into their lives. For expats,

Maliha learned German with the F.A.S.T. method while traveling solo

Maliha is a solo traveller who has been to a 100 countries. Her next challenge is to reach 197 (well that is the recognized number of countries in the world) and we are happy to support her with the German language learning. Her passion for a challenge brought her to Language and Motivation where she

We celebrate 6 full years!

6 years of proud moments, motivation and active-learning. Here’s to the next one! Thank you to all students and teachers for 6 years of unending trust and collaboration. #languageandmotivation #sixyearanniversary

Try a tongue twister!

Tongue twister preparation tips Have visual contact with the tongue-twister and listen to how it is pronounced, at least three times. Make an effort to understand the meaning of the tongue-twister as a sentence.You can use Google Translate for that. Break it down and understand the meaning of each word. Use Google Translate’s speaker feature

Pros + Cons of Learning to Speak German

Are you ready to embark on a linguistic adventure with the perspective of the F.A.S.T. method? Learning to speak German definitely has its upsides, but like any language, it has its quirks too (maybe a few more than others!). In this blog post, we’ll dive into the exciting pros and cons of learning German. Get