BREAKING NEWS: beginner to C1 in 72,5 hours of lessons

Congratulations [again] Maria! Maria Tsismenaki, 15 years of age, started French from scratch and reached the B2 level with Language and Motivation. After that and in 3 months of lessons and one month of exam preparation she successfully passed the C1 level exams! Maria’s success is clearly GROUNDBREAKING. A 15-year-old student that proves the F.A.S.T.

Together we can move mountains!

You know that thing that seems so difficult to do?Like it’s impossible to achieve?Well, together we can change that. Many students have shared with us their story before enrolling to Language and Motivation. More than a few have felt so discouraged in the past by the traditional method of language learning, that have considered giving

The F.A.S.T. method is Tailor-made

If you are a priest and you are willing, you can study the Testament with us in the language that you are learning. We have done it before!  If you are the CEO of Coca-Cola, you can learn how to compose great speeches for your company’s AGM. We have done it before!  If you are

The F.A.S.T. method is Stimulating

Yes, our students are excited about the F.A.S.T. method! Our teachers relish the fact that our students are genuinely interested in our material, ask probing questions, are encouraged to share their experiences, and often want to study more.  It’s also great for students to feel encouraged by their teachers and to strengthen the parts of

BREAKING NEWS: B2 level in 6 months!

Congratulations Philip! Philip is a physiotherapist that had to reach B2 level in Dutch in order to pursue a career in physiotherapy in the Netherlands. Seventeen lessons later…he did! He succeeded in the B2 level exams in Dutch and can now continue his professional journey in physiotherapy, doing what he loves. Watch Philip’s video #testimonial

Free Webinar: The F.A.S.T. method

For our Greek, or Greek speaking audience 🙂 Sofia Karfi, online and hosted by YARN, will be presenting the F.A.S.T. method this Wednesday 14th. In this webinar she will talk about the Greeks who are moving abroad and they need to learn a new language fast. This need is met with the F.A.S.T. method. Η

Five whole years of witnessing people change their lives

Offering a tailor-made approach that responds to their personal aspirations. So many exam successes, career evolvements, new lives. So rewarding. Here’s to another 5 for introducing you to your “future-you” with customization, challenges and lots of motivation. It’s an important milestone for us and for the future of teaching foreign languages as it provides new

BREAKING NEWS: B2 level in 8 months!

Congratulation Aiyana! All of our team literally celebrates 🎉 when a students completes their language learning journey with a good old fashioned exam! With a record of total exam success, it still feels wonderful. Lessons of 8 months was all it took for Aiyana to succeed in the B2 level #staatsexamen without having any clue

Future Perfect vs Past Perfect -> Week 12

Did you ever wonder how the F.A.S.T. method is different from the traditional method of learning a foreign language? We have already spotlighted the differences for DAY 1 (WEEK 1), WEEK 2 , WEEK 4 , WEEK 6 , WEEK 8 and now we continue to WEEK 12 Learning the basics looks similar for everyone. But we