4 years of Language and Motivation!

Today we celebrate 4 years of Language and Motivation 🚀🎉🚀🎉!!We could not have made it if it weren’t for all of our students 🙏 trusting the LM method and our wonderful teachers! Thank you all for this amazing support 🕺🕺🕺🕺 Today we celebrate and we continue to be motivated and grow step 👣 by step

Congratulations to Dong YL. for succeeding in parts of Staatsexamen NT2-2

[🎉 #Congratulations]Another one of our students of Dutch, Dong YL., succeeded in the: ✅ Writing✅ Listening✅ Speaking examination of #Staatsexamen NT2 at B2 level! We are honored to have been a part of his journey to learning Dutch and it was beautiful to watch the progress since the very beginning.With his success, we celebrate twice 🎉 We wish

congrats to udit

Congratulations to Udit D. for succeeding in parts of #inburgeringsdiploma

[🎉 #Congratulations]Another one of our students of Dutch, Udit D., succeeded in the: ✅ Reading✅ Listening examination of #inburgeringsexamen! We are very very proud and we wish him the best for the following parts of the exams ⭐️ #soproud, #dutch, #Inburgeren, #languageandmotivation, #motivation #learndutch

iamgreek.nl for all Greek Expats

Are you Greek and thinking of moving to the Netherlands? You can check out iamgreek.nl and get useful information of the necessary steps to make a smooth transition and also what it means to be Greek in NL! Not too long ago, Nadia Nikolaidi has interviewed us on how everyone can learn Dutch quickly and

Teachers who are native speakers, or not? 🇬🇧 & 🇬🇷 transcript

ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT 🇬🇧 What nationality does a foreign language teacher need to be? For example, if you wish to learn Dutch, does your teacher need to be a native speaker? Is it ok to be Dutch-Greek? Or any other nationality but to be able to teach Dutch? There are two options, two options of teachers,

Dutch Speaking Group: Improve your speaking skills

Join a new kind of speaking group! We wish to group 4-5 Language and Motivation students to practice their speaking skills. Multiple Targets: 🎯 Practice what you have learned 🎯 Improve your speaking skills 🎯 Meet with other experienced students Our Dutch teachers 🇳🇱 will be coordinating a weekly 1.5hrs discussion. The day and time of the meetings will be

The Dutch express it differently, let’s accept that. 🇬🇧 & 🇬🇷 transcript

ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT 🇬🇧 English transcript:  Dear readers, this text is a translation of a video that was made in Greek, for Greek students learning Dutch. The concept of the differences of tense use in languages can be found in all languages and is not limited to those two. Therefore, this text can relate to everyone

Congratulations to Dilara N. for receiving her #inburgeringsdiploma

One more successful story. ✅ Reading✅ Listening✅ Writing✅ Speaking✅ Knowledge of Dutch Society Dilara has received very good grades with the lowest to be 8/10! With her success, we celebrate twice 🎉 #inburgeringsexamen #learndutch #languageandmotivation #netherlands #expatinnetherlands #expats

Why do you need Dutch? 🇬🇧 & 🇬🇷 transcript

ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT 🇬🇧 This week’s video begins with a question. Why do you learn or need to learn Dutch? Me, for example, after four years that I’ve been living in the Netherlands, I wish to be incorporated a bit better. I want to be able to speak and make friends, other than those who don’t

I understand the conversations, but… , 🇬🇧 & 🇬🇷 transcript

ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT 🇬🇧 We can study a language on our own, we can read articles, start to know the grammar and in time, listening and observing we can learn to understand many things. But how can we practice speaking? And speak the language in a correct manner? That’s why we need a teacher.  My personal