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A0-B1 | B1-B2 | B2-C1


A0-B1 | B1-B2 | B2-C1 | C1-C2


A0-B1 | B1-B2 | B2-C1 | C1-C2


A0-B1 | B1-B2 | B2-C1 | C1-C2


A0-B1 | B1-B2


A0-B1 | B1-B2 | B2-C1 | C1-C2

Learn with the F.A.S.T. method in 3-month courses


Fundamentals Based

With the F.A.S.T. method we start with the basics, because these are what is important in the beginning.


Adult Specific

The activities and content of the educational material is relevant to adult lives.



The teaching is done with encouragement and strengthening of the student.


Tailor Made

Whatever your goal might be, we customise the educational material to your needs.

Is This Course For You?

✓ You are willing to spend 3-6 hours / week on your study

✓ You speak already one foreign language

✓ You are target oriented and willing to reach your goal

✓ You desire support in language learning

✓ You want to surround yourself with professionals who are serious about language teaching

✓ You dare to be ‘selfish’ and express your deepest learning needs and challenges

Your Results of Joining

✓ Learn a language fast with the guidance and support of your teacher

✓ Take strategic steps aligned with your goals

✓ Set clear goals and make a plan to achieve them

✓ Improve your effectivity. Focus on that which matters MOST

✓ Increase your output by installing accountability

✓ Learn how to work autonomously for the next language you will learn in the future

The Proof is in the Pudding


have successfully reached the B1 level

5.0 / 5

average rating (Facebook & Google Reviews)

5+ Years

of Language and Motivation

This is Why we do it

“Language and Motivation has enabled me to communicate with my Dutch colleagues”

Dong Yim Lin, Assistant Finance Manager of LX Pantos European Management Team

“My only regret is not having started the lessons earlier. So don’t hesitate and do it now!”

Evgenia Kartsaki, PhD Candidate, INRIA, France

“J’ ai le sens de l’ accomplissement.”

Ιlia Tomassi, CH Country Supply Chain Services Manager

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