Why is it called F.A.S.T. method?

We wanted to gather all the principles of Language and Motivation and make them visual. We were successful on that and this venn diagram encapsulates everything that the F.A.S.T. method stands for!

Let’s take it step by step.

F. stands for Fundamentals based 

With the F.A.S.T. method you’ll focus on the fundamentals. Since you are learning the language because you have a specific need to cover, whether that need is of high importance or not, you’ll focus on setting good foundations and learning what’s necessary. You’ll begin learning the language with the basics, because these basics are what is important in the beginning. For example, in Dutch, when you wish to introduce yourself to someone and your name is Maria, you need to know the phrase, “Ik ben Maria”. That’s what we call basic. Learning the infinitive of the verb ‘to be’ is useful, but not more useful than the first person: Ik ben. Another example is to cultivate the ability to have a general, practical sense of what people are saying and, later on, to focus on understanding 100%, word for word, what those people said. 

This is how it’s done with other things in life as well. We always start with the more general knowledge of a subject before we go deeper into it. We later comprehend its intricacies and become specialists. Where is the meaning of knowing how to conjugate a verb and not knowing how to form a sentence that is relevant to you? Where is the essence of learning the exceptions of a rule if we can’t even use the rule itself?

A. stands for Adult-specific:

The F.A.S.T. method is addressed to adults. Adults are usually more ready to take on the responsibility of reaching their targets and of the amount of studying required. In contrast to a child or a teenager, who will need the supervision of a parent, adults can commit to these 3 to 6 hours of study time per week in order to learn a new language. They also have the life motivations to do so. 

The content of the educational material includes the current news and business subjects that our students are most interested in; activities that are relevant to our adult lives. As an adult, you already have an understanding of the learning process, something that a child has not yet mastered. This is the reason why you can learn faster as an adult than when you were a child. 

S. stands for Stimulating: 

Yes, our students are excited about the F.A.S.T. method!

Our teachers relish the fact that our students are genuinely interested in our materials, ask probing questions, are encouraged to share their experiences, and often want to study more. It’s also great for students to feel encouraged by their teachers and to strengthen the parts of the language that need attention. As a student you’ll feel  activated by a learning method that is different, far from boring, and happy that you have found what you’ve been looking for. We want to make our students feel unique and not transparent like you might feel in a class of many students and multiple mother tongues. 

Successful teachers must, as priority, help their students love what they learn. Rather than the lessons being tiring, they will become a fuel that will raise your energy levels and help your day run smoothly!. This is true for student and teacher. Our language center is not named Language and Motivation by accident!

We prove everyday, with all aspects of our work, that our approach encourages and strengthens our students. We’ve got that mental state, we’ve got the tools to do it and the only piece of the puzzle left is that characteristic of the student that will help them believe that they can do it. This is how everyday miracles happen! 

T. stands for Tailor made:

If you are a priest and you are willing, you can study the Testament with us in the language that you are learning. We have done it before! If you are the CEO of Coca-Cola, you can learn how to compose great speeches for your company’s AGM. We have done it before! If you are a member of the European Parliament, you can learn how to express yourself clearly on issues that concern you in the Parliament. We have done it before! If you are a psychoanalyst in a Greek university and want to attend lectures abroad and practice answering possible questions from the audience, you will practice exactly that, and nothing less. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that we have done this, as well! These examples are just a few of the many particular needs of students that have completed one, to three, or even four semesters with Language and Motivation.

As a working adult, you might have a family and limited available time. What you need is to learn the language so it can be of service to you, focusing on your  main purpose first, and then all the rest later. The language is one, but the vocabulary that you use in everyday life for specific purposes is what needs to be considered the priority. This way the language lessons will satisfy your needs, fast! 

If we know your “why” and your target, we can guide you there, as long as we work together in harmony!

We’re certain that the F.A.S.T. method is the most innovative way to learn a foreign language, and that it’s here to stay. You can take advantage of it and we, all of the Language and Motivation teachers, are here to welcome you with a vibrant smile, and to help you on your way to learning a language in only a few months! 

If you’re ready to go, we are. Let’s get started!

Sani DeliWhy is it called F.A.S.T. method?