We believe that

the only way to be creative and feel happy
is personal and professional development

We are Language and Motivation

We created Language and Motivation because we believe that everyone deserves personal and professional development. The fact that we teach foreign languages quickly and effectively is a result of our experience and the method we use, as well as our conviction that we must pursue our dreams, like living abroad and working in the field that really interests us. We love what we do and combine our strengths to help our students learn a language with minimal effort!

In 2016, we were trained and inspired by professor Olivier Delhaye, who is the primary source of all this scientific knowledge. Since 2018 we have been based in the Netherlands, Greece and Belgium and the team of teachers is still growing.

The Team

Sofia Karfi LM founder, Teacher of French and Teacher Training Course

Highly-skilled teacher with passion for delivering high-quality learning experiences with innovative ways of teaching and digital material that keeps students engaged. Proven track record of driving students to high CEFRL-level certifications in short time. Strengths include: – More than 10 years of teaching experience. – Talent in motivating students and encouraging them to participate in the class. – Rigorous on equal opportunity for all students, regardless of their skills, attainment, and needs.

Maria Neophytou Teacher of English

“I am an experienced ESL/EFL teacher for one-on-one tutoring and group instruction. Recognised aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that all learning styles and abilities are addressed. A highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants everyone to be successful learners. My lessons also introduce concepts related to life and social skills. I am a learner myself and was looking for a way of learning a new language that is curated to my learning style and everyday life. I was pleased to learn about Sofia’ s teaching method that adjusted perfectly in my curriculum. It was fascinating to learn how could I go from A1 to B1 in three months. Now I have the opportunity to help like-minded individuals who seek knowledge beyond the traditional classroom and have fun on the way.”

Georgia Markaki Teacher of German

“Teaching means for me, being creative. With experience with traditional teaching for over 10 years, I can confess that I do the job that I love and makes me happy. Every student is a new challenge for me. When I first heard of this method of teaching, I remember my reaction, when I was informed that “Grammar is useless”. Shocked! I couldn’t agree, as I always loved teaching grammar. Nevertheless, I tried it with my students and indeed, it works! Now, I cannot return to traditional teaching, as I find it time-consuming and expensive. I am looking forward to learn Spanish and why not, more languages with this method! Have fun with it and the best results are waiting for us!”

Chara Siafaka Teacher of Portuguese

Chara - whose name means Joy - is an experienced and motivated teacher. "Studies show that teacher's expectations have a huge impact on student achievement. That is the reason why I have high expectations for all of my students. I expect a lot from each student, but those expectations are both challenging and realistic. This doesn't mean that all students are held to the same high standard, but instead that I know what each student is capable of individually, I strive to help each one attain their personal best."


Bo Gerretsen Teacher of Dutch

Bo is a passionate teacher of Dutch. She is committed to motivate her students´ curiosity and interest in learning. She guides her students to the desired level through motivation, positivity, knowledge and passion for the profession.


Mahdy Youssef Teacher of Dutch

"I have always had a big passion for languages. I grew up knowing two different cultures and I think that’s where my above interest started. I studied Languages and I have been tutoring since high school. Language and Motivation is a revolutionary way of teaching. I could barely imagine teaching with a different method."

Vaggelio Dimitraki Teacher of Spanish

With more than 15 years of experience in instructing students in Spanish language, Vaggelio is a skilled and enthusiastic teacher, committed to encourage language retention and eventual fluency of students from various backgrounds and learning styles. Her communication, creativity and motivational skills, combined with her passion for Spanish language and culture, foster engaging classes and develop thoughtful and enthusiastic students who manage to achieve measurable language progression.

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  • Getting to know the Language and Motivation method has been a great surprise for me, as well as a challenge to try out a different way of teaching a foreign language. Sofia Karfi, thank you for this opportunity and for the excellent training in the method. I look forward to applying it.

    Anna Xanthaki, German teacher

  • My participation in the training was a completely constructive experience, which opened new horizons to the adult education methodology that I had not even imagined existed!

    Kostas Iatrakis, German teacher
  • During the training I discovered why it is so revolutionary. I started to feel and believe in the method more and more and now I could barely imagine teaching with a different method. Definitely the best teaching/learning method.

    Mahdy Youssef, Dutch teacher
  • There are no words to describe Sofia !! I'm very glad that I had this amazing person as a French teacher!!! She loves her job and she makes you feel the same about French language!!! Not only teaches a foreign language but she helps you to open your horizons. Don't afraid to start this way of education! It is guaranteed you will succeed!!! She is the best! I highly recommend her as a teacher!!!!

    Stella Mitaki, Economist
  • It's my firm belief that ,Miss Sofia is an incredible teacher!!!Not only she teaches you how to communicate in French for example, but she focuses also in the civilisation .So, you have the opportunity to learn also , about the country and the problems that people are facing, the art and the culture .Generally, you learn really interesting stuff that in reality are incorporated in the language.A language in not only about grammar and vocabulary and Miss Sofia helps you understand that.She is really meticulous but a very cordial person too!!!

    Haris Manousaki, Biologist
  • I highly recommend learning French with Sofia! She personalised the classes to my individual needs and interests and gave me material from various sources to keep things interesting and fun. Also, her positive energy is contagious

    Eirini Volikou, Lawyer
  • “The training via Language and Motivation has given me a different view of teaching. It is motivating and special to see how quickly students achieve a higher level with this method. ”

    Deborah Gerretsen, Dutch teacher
  • Sophia is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. She likes her teaching procedure to include poems, videos and articles, in french of course, which makes the lesson amusing but also teaches you many things about the french culture as well. She is very passionate about her work and she will help you understand and love the french language!

    Alexandra Makridaki, Psychologist
  • I have tried this unique way of learning french and my progress was rapid.In just a few months i got prepared to give my exams and i succeded to get a diploma of B2-upper Intermediate level. The procedure of learning was very interesting by reading articles, watcing videos or even commenting books, so you have the ability of understanding grammar and syntax by reading or watching a complete article or video. I suggest without a doubt this way of learning!!!

    Niki Vassilaki, Lawyer
  • Sofia is an inspirational and passionate teacher! She's also very understanding and adaptable to your needs. Thanks to the Language and Motivation method, you will explore a new way of learning a language that is both fun and challenging! I have already taken the 3-month course for French and I am continuing to another one, so I strongly recommend her 🙂 My only regret is not having started the lessons earlier. So don't hesitate and do it now!

    Evgenia Kartsaki, PhD Candidate, INRIA, France
  • Mahdy, the Dutch teacher is very good and always made me feel comfortable.

    Ilaria Flamminj, Medical Personnel
  • J'ai commencé à apprendre le français avec Sofia il y a deux mois et regardez comment j'écris! Je suis très contente, parce que je sais que je peux dire déjà plusieurs choses en français, car Sofia insiste beaucoup sur les cours oraux! Merci beaucoup, Sofia! Je pensais que le français était très difficile, mais tu rends les choses difficiles faciles!

    Fani Kalathaki, Journalist
  • Sofia est une excellente professeur. Ella a une manière unique de motiver et d’inspirer ses élèves. Même après des journées difficiles au travail, je me sens contente après avoir fini un cours de français. J’ai le sens de l’accomplissement. Sa méthode est exigeante mais elle vous permet d’apprendre par l’expérience, ce qui s’avère efficace pour développer rapidement des compétences linguistiques. J’aime Sofia et je la recommande vivement!

    Ilia Tomassi, Ζurich, CH Country Supply Chain Services Manager, Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
  • After 2 months of French lessons with sofia I can say that these lessons are like "gym". You don't really want to go because you know that it is going to be hard, but after the class you really feel wonderful. Incredibly interesting texts, exercises, discussions, lessons.. I feel really grateful and very happy that I decided to trust her. I highly recommend it if you want to save time, money and energy by putting your forces, concentration and love into practice! 

    Stefania Tsakiraki, Art therapist
  • Sofia is full of energy and an excellent teacher. I was afraid that Skype lessons might not be for me but I was so wrong. If you are really interested in learning French, then you should certainly have a call with Sofia!

    Vagelis Aidiniou, Programmer
  • Η Σοφία πλέον δεν είναι απλά η καθηγήτρια μου έγινε μια φίλη που μας ξυπνάει την έμπνευση. Είμαι ευγνώμων που ήρθε στη ζωή μου ένας τόσο υπέροχος άνθρωπος και ακόμα πιο υπέροχη καθηγήτρια. Σοφία, είσαι καταπληκτική καθηγήτρια. Δεν θα μπορούσα να αρθρώσω λέξη στα γαλλικά χωρίς τη θετικότητα και την ενθάρρυνση σου να με σπρώχνει μπροστά. Ήταν σαν να έχασα τη φωνή μου και η μέθοδος σου με βοήθησε να τη βρω. Εσύ και η μέθοδος σου με βοηθήσατε να έρθω πιο κοντά στο στόχο μου. Η μέθοδος σου είναι όντως πολύ καλή όμως έσυ της δίνεις ζωή και έτσι βοηθάς όλους εμάς τους μαθητές σου, με όλες τις διαφορετικές μας ικανότητες. Είσαι πραγματικά μία ξεχωριστή καθηγήτρια. Έχεις γίνει (πιστεύω για όλους) μία θετική επιρροή και μέντορας. Θα ήθελα να σε ευχαριστήσω από καρδιάς επειδή, ειλικρινά, έχεις αφήσει το αποτύπωμα σου στο ταξίδι της ζωής μου. Και εννοείται ότι έχουμε ακόμα δρόμο μπροστά μας.

    MaRia NeophyTou, English teacher
  • I have started learning Greek with Sofia only a few months ago. She has been teaching me in a very unique and customized way; she is a good listener and understands my purpose. I truly believe that the teacher makes the difference, and Sofia has made it. In addition to teaching me about the Great Greek language, she pushes and encourages me when I have doubts. She truly is passionate about what she does and that is why she does it so well. Her only purpose is to make you reach your goal. Ευχαριστώ πολύ για όλα!

    Rubis Nedjai, ΗR manager
  • The most wonderful french teacher! And the story goes like this.. I started learning french since learning a second foreign language was required by the national educational system.. I could never have been able to imagine that through those lessons I would be initiated in a new way of life! Not only did I acquire a very good level in french quickly enough, but also I got motivated in exploring a whole culture! Reading articles related to current events, listening to songs and watching videos on a variety of topics constitute Sofia’s best methods of teaching her students that language is a way of communicating and expanding your world! This teacher definitely reveals your confidence to interact with people in a language other than your mother tongue! Strongly recommended!

    Emmanouela Kokolaki, Lawyer
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