Try a tongue twister!

Tongue twister preparation tips

  1. Have visual contact with the tongue-twister and listen to how it is pronounced, at least three times.
  2. Make an effort to understand the meaning of the tongue-twister as a sentence.
    You can use Google Translate for that.
  3. Break it down and understand the meaning of each word. Use Google Translate’s speaker feature to listen to each word and repeat it every time you hear it. It is very important to be loud and clear in repeating the words. 
  4. Start combining the words. Two – three at a time. Three words in a row is a good way to get a handle on the tongue-twister, bit by bit. If the sentence is 10 words long, you can separate it into three sections, or according to the meaning. 
  5. Open Google Translate in the Chrome browser. There, you have the ability to record your voice as an input option. Practice while recording and if the words that appear in the box are correct, that means that you are saying it right! And that is a major victory!
    This is the best way to practice your tongue-twisters up to the point where it comes out fluently.
  6. Repeat the tongue-twister, until it comes out naturally. It is important to focus more on how it sounds and not so much on the speed.

Are you ready for a tongue twister in Dutch?

Sani DeliTry a tongue twister!