The F.A.S.T. method is Stimulating

Yes, our students are excited about the F.A.S.T. method!

Our teachers relish the fact that our students are genuinely interested in our material, ask probing questions, are encouraged to share their experiences, and often want to study more. 

It’s also great for students to feel encouraged by their teachers and to strengthen the parts of the language that need attention. 

As a student you’ll feel activated by a learning method that is different, far from boring, and happy that you have found what you’ve been looking for. We want to make our students feel unique and not transparent like you might feel in a class of many students and multiple mother tongues. 

Successful teachers must, as priority, help their students love what they learn. Rather than the lessons being tiring, they will become a fuel that will raise your energy levels and help your day run smoothly! This is true for students and teachers. Our language center is not named Language and Motivation by accident!

We prove everyday, with all aspects of our work, that our approach encourages and strengthens our students. We’ve got that mental state, we’ve got the tools to do it and the only piece of the puzzle left is that characteristic of the student that will help them believe that they can do it. This is how everyday miracles happen! 

Sani DeliThe F.A.S.T. method is Stimulating