Sofia Karfi at Corporate Social Responsibility Conference

We don’t just teach languages.

We carve new paths of communication.

It is an honor to be part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Conference in reference to our initiative to give a stronger voice to the ones that wish to communicate.

The salespeople of Shedia Magazine in Greece, are one of the few people that generously offer their greetings to the ones passing by, even though “Good day” is sadly forgotten in the Greek Capital.

The magazine that belongs to the International Network of Street Papers, supports its salespeople by offering them a significant commission from their sales.

After observing thousands of tourists roaming Greece already, we envisioned them greeting all those tourists in English, and making even more sales of the English magazine translations.

We decided to do something crazy… We started teaching them English!

The salespeople of Shedia have already completed their first round of English with the F.A.S.T. Method, making them ideal for expanding their sales’ and life’s opportunities!

Education. Communication. Motivation. A new life.

These are the words that drive us. These, are the reasons why we found these already highly motivated students and guided them to new possibilities.

It is a huge honor to participate to the biggest conference of CSR along with great companies, telling our own story, in our founder’s, Sofia Karfi’s, motherland and its stunning capital, Athens.

Thank you BOUSSIAS for the kind invitation.

And thank you to our coordinating team for putting our actions, into words, Ευθύμιος Σαββάκης, Magdalene Chatzopoulou, Θάνος Καπράνος, Δημήτρης Στεφανίδης

Sani DeliSofia Karfi at Corporate Social Responsibility Conference