Pros + Cons of Learning to Speak German

Are you ready to embark on a linguistic adventure with the perspective of the F.A.S.T. method?

Learning to speak German definitely has its upsides, but like any language, it has its quirks too (maybe a few more than others!).

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the exciting pros and cons of learning German. Get ready to navigate the precision of expression, the complexity of grammar, and even a few pronunciation challenges – all with a smile on your face (hopefully). As you know, our method is all about swimming in deep waters, any chance you get.

Are you ready for a full-on German immersion?


> Precision and Efficiency

Buckle up because German is all about getting straight to the point! You’ll love how German allows you to express your ideas with precision and clarity. No more beating around the bush – this language cuts to the chase like no other.


Once you start exploring German literature, music, and films, get ready for an adventure into a world of rich cultural heritage. Discover the works of literary legends like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Thomas Mann, who have shaped the literary landscape. Enjoy the rhythmic beats of Bach and Beethoven, and maybe even rock out to the energetic tunes of Nena and Rammstein. German culture has something for everyone. Plus, our method encourages this practice more than you can imagine.


> Grammar

Brace yourself for a bit of a workout with German grammar. It can be a bit trickier than other languages, but hey, challenges make life interesting, right? How we embrace the quirks of German sentence structures is by active learning. And if you wonder about noun gender assignments, and inflections…you will intuitively comprehend all this through real German conversations. With practice in active learning, you’ll be a grammar pro in no time!

> Words

Ready to stretch your vocabulary muscles? German is known for its compound words. Those extra-long, tongue-twisting terms that are a puzzle to unravel. But fear not! As you learn these fascinating words, you’ll find that they add depth and precision to your language skills. Plus, imagine the satisfaction of dropping those words in conversations.

> Pronunciation

Get ready to have a laugh at yourself as you tackle German pronunciation. Yes, some sounds may seem a bit challenging, but hey, the journey is all about having fun! From the notorious “r” sound to those delightful vowel combinations, let’s embrace the oddity. Practice makes perfect, and you’ll be impressing native speakers in no time! We are all about using mirrors or talking towards something far from you (so you have to get a little loud). The secret is, be audacious!


Learning to speak German is an exciting adventure.

Learning it online is a plus, as you have access to immediate tools and can dive even deeper with a snap of your fingers. One thing is for sure, our students prove that learning German can be F.A.S.T. and effective at the same time. Our method has proven that repeatedly through engaging and motivating practices. In the end, it might feel like more fun than you expected.

Hopefully, you might start feeling like learning German is a wise idea after all!

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Magdalini ChatzopoulouPros + Cons of Learning to Speak German