Perseverance, learning and the art of not giving up

It may be true that nothing in life is for free.

However, there is often an easy way, and a hard way, to get things done.

For example, learning a language with our innovative teaching method takes full advantage of the active brain and its desire to explore to deliver language learning results much quicker than traditional methods.

That’s why we’re confident we can take beginner students to B1 level within only three months. A process which could take years in your everyday programme.

Yet, just because something is fast doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Today we wish to impart some guidance on the tricky topic of not giving up, and powering through difficult moments.

All students, even teachers, have moments of self-doubt. It’s a human emotion, and it’s unavoidable.

We’ve had so many success stories with our method, but that doesn’t change the fact that the most important ingredient to our students’ success is their belief in themselves.

Perseverance from within, and from without.

We ask our students to do a lot of research, to explore, to use their minds and take the initiative when we guide them through our exercises, and we know that it’s not easy!

Often finishing something difficult comes down to having the willpower to manage key moments. On your worst day, when you’re experiencing the most pressure, it’s easy to lose confidence and think about throwing in the towel.

It’s in those key moments that we advise our students to think about perseverance. Perseverance doesn’t just have to come from your own sense of determination though. We ask our students to remember that they are not alone!

Our teachers are not only teachers, but facilitators, motivators, and advice givers. We’re also experts in helping our students get back on their feet after a difficult week of studying, working, and so on. Our school is called Language & Motivation after all!

Life has its stresses, but we’re beside you, and we’re here to help.

Perseverance is a habit.

We also know that our students gain a lot of confidence from the victories they feel when they overcome the challenges that are presented to them within our course. 

There is work to do, but there is also great reward to be found. Nothing makes our teachers happier than when they see their students talking, with confidence and passion, about their work and their lives in their new language.

Perseverance is a habit. You may grow by one level each month, and it’s still one step at a time. 

We encourage our students to think about their goals when they decide to learn Dutch fast, or take French lessons online, however, it’s easier to get over obstacles when you take them one by one.

Our courses and teachers are flexible. We’re happy to take things at your pace and help you prioritise. We like to make our language courses challenging and fun, not challenging and stressful.

Afterall, we all want the same outcome as our students; we’re all on the same team.

We often find that students who become familiarised with our method improve so quickly, they start to forget what a normal learning pace is, and worry that they aren’t improving fast enough! 

However, moving from A1 to B1 in 3 months is a big deal! Perseverance is key!

We typically ask our students to take on 1.5 hour lessons, and between 3-6 hours of homework per week. That’s a good amount of work to get through in one week, and our students do learn quickly. Our courses are structured perfectly if you want to complete your Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese or English course online, and learn the language fast.

If you’re absorbing a lot of information in a short space of time, let’s say, for example, you’re looking to take your level 3 English test for the purposes of studying, there will be moments of difficulty. However, with our method and teachers, you are in safe hands!
If you’re feeling motivated to learn, contact us now!

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Jake WieczorekPerseverance, learning and the art of not giving up