Mridul T., M. Tech Biotechnology, student of Dutch

Through my personal experience, I found the teaching methodology followed by Language and Motivation to be pragmatic and effective; better than the traditional way of learning. Before starting with Language and Motivation I was already at A1 level in Dutch, however, that felt more of a theoretical knowledge than a practical skill. After I started my language course with LM, only after 2-3 classes I began to develop good confidence in speaking Dutch. For me, I was just following simple instructions on how to study and prepare for the classes, it was after some lessons I realized that Dutch began to come out of me automatically. And that was surprising and thrilling to see. I would also like to appreciate my teacher, Jildou, for her patience & support. And for creating an atmosphere where it is easy to connect with her and develop an understanding. All in all, it has been a really positive outcome which I am very happy about!

Sani DeliMridul T., M. Tech Biotechnology, student of Dutch