A message from the founder


I’m Sofia,

the founder of Language and Motivation. After teaching French for almost 10 years in small groups and private lessons, I felt the need to search for a way that would help me teach quicker and better. I discovered this unique method at the first university where I studied French language and literature, in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Since then, my mission is to spread the word and enable people to learn today the modern way.

who am I

I have been raised in Crete, Greece in a 5-member family of traders who were always expanding their comfort zone and working hard to make their own dreams come true. From a young age my mother encouraged me to study and I quickly chose to study languages. I found myself studying in the University of Thessaloniki and my path started to be really interesting when I participated in the Erasmus program. It gave me the opportunity to study at the University of Burgundy, France and to discover Europe. Since then travelling and learning languages became a passion and apart from English and French I learnt Spanish. After my graduation I started working: tourism in Crete, primary schools, private lessons and schools of foreign languages. Always working with teenagers and adults, when one day I had the idea that there must exist a way for more efficient teaching. There my brilliant professor from the university comes up!

what I believe

(In teaching and in life)

  1. Student’s mother tongue is one of the greatest resources we have when learning a new language. It helps a lot in any step of learning.
  2. Trust between student and teacher is fundamental. Both grow together. Success is just the logical outcome of such a relationship.
  3. Motivation is the alpha and omega of a great teaching-learning experience. We achieve results we believe in and we master levels of success and growth that we have first imagined.

Merci beaucoup Sofia for a remarcable year of French courses within a group of 5 students. I wish I could continue the courses, but I won't forget your creative tasks and how nicely you personalized them for each one of us (in our diverse group)!

Haris Papagiannakis


Its my firm belief that Miss Sofia is an incredible teacher!!! Not only she teaches you how to communicate in French, for example, but she focuses also in the civilisation. So, you have the opportunity to learn also, about the country and the problems that people are facing, the art and the culture. Generally, you learn really interesting stuff that in reality are incorporated in the language. A language is not only about grammar and vocabulary and Miss Sofia helps you understand that. She is really meticulous but a very cordial person too!!!

Haris Manousaki

Univeristy student