Martina wants to share her story

Martina S. approached Language and Motivation in February 2022 and started her 3 month course to learn Dutch, in March-May 2022. 

She was a beginner (A0) in Dutch and today she is at B1 level. 

She collaborated with Jildou, one of the LM teachers of Dutch and together they worked on Martina’s goals. Which were to have more work opportunities as a freelancer in the sector of digital arts. 

She shared this with us: 

“I was a bit skeptical at first when I read about the practice-based teaching method, but learning Dutch this way has been amazing! The lessons are easy to follow, the teacher is fun and personable and my everyday life has become easier, as I now understand more and more words when people speak with me! Highly recommend it”

Jildou’s experience with Martina was that during the lesson she was very creative and this made the lesson even more interesting. So it’s not only the students who enjoy the lessons 😉 


Sani DeliMartina wants to share her story