International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021

This is a collective video about stories of women expressing their achievements.

  • Small or big

  • Personal or professional

  • Individual or Collective

Sometimes by: 

  • Smashing stereotypes

  • Launching initiatives

  • Raising awareness about women’s equality

  • Thinking differently

  • Following dreams

  • Creating a space of positivity

Aimed to inspire 🎨

6 women from the Language and Motivation team share their #achievements!

Here are the individual stories: 

  • Sofia K.

    In 2015 I conceived this crazy idea “How can I teach my students more efficiently, in a quicker way?”
    I believed it was possible and looked for ways to make it happen!
    I was trained from the professor O. Delhaye and then decided to go for it and apply this new teaching method that was promising “miracles”! 
    Trust and experimenting were the secrets of my achievement and they continue to be.
    Trust people and try out new practices will always be the right path for me! 

  • Sani D.

    For a long time I felt confined by my work and stagnant life. Through a slow process of self discovery and personal development I grew the confidence for the first steps, that later on led me to where I am today.
    I travel and visit small farms where amazing people do amazing things. We grow high quality food, we build and find solutions for everyday things and also inspire others to do the same. I am surrounded by nature and feel humbled by the wonders.
    This for me is truest version of myself and an important #achievement!

  • Nadia I.

    I have achieved to build an online community for all Greeks that want to relocate to the Netherlands and help them build their businesses and dreams.

  • Stefania T.

    The biggest accomplishment of mine is the acceptance and love of myself. That inspired me to create a piece of artwork, a book, that made me travel around Europe and visit 7 countries and 22 different museums.

  • Yota C.

    My biggest achievement is to be able to nourish friendships throughout the years and feel that I am surrounded by loving people and friends.

  • Foteini S.

    My achievement is that after many difficulties and sacrifices in my life, I managed to have a nice career and to be well respected in a field dominated by men.
    I am very happy and proud of myself for this.

Sani DeliInternational Women’s Day