Future Perfect vs Past Perfect -> Week 8

Did you ever wonder how the F.A.S.T. method is different from the traditional method of learning a foreign language?

We have already spotlighted the differences for DAY 1 (WEEK 1), WEEK 2 , WEEK 4 , WEEK 6 and now we continue to WEEK 8.

Are we there yet?! 

The goals of the students learning with the traditional method are always distant. 🌎

For example, reaching A2 level is a one-year goal. 

In contrast to that, a F.A.S.T.-method student is constantly reaching their goals, always feeling motivated. 🎯

B1 level is reached within 3 months and B2 level in 6 months! 💁‍♀️

During WEEK 8 the F.A.S.T.-method student realizes the knowledge “gaps” and is motivated to move forward by the urge to express oneself.

Speaking is well practiced and week after week the progress is obvious. Whilst, with the traditional method, speaking is usually the weakest part. The student has a feeling that knows some rules but it’s only in theory. That means to be stuck in the comfort zone and only make very small steps forward. 

Which side are you on? 

Let’s make your future… perfect!

Sani DeliFuture Perfect vs Past Perfect -> Week 8