Future Perfect vs Past Perfect -> Week 6

Did you ever wonder how the F.A.S.T. method is different from the traditional method of learning a foreign language?

We have already spotlighted the differences for DAY 1 (WEEK 1), WEEK 2 , WEEK 4  and now we continue to WEEK 6.

You will be amazed at how much a student can understand from a foreign language paragraph, even if they don’t know the language at all. 

This is how active learning works. This student gets completely engaged with the material at hand, which helps in evolving more quickly and in a way that promotes better recall. 

Using various video and article mediation activities, grammar and vocabulary get acquired through context. 

During WEEK 6 you start using the past tenses with the help of fun activities such as describing the best memory of your life! With a little help from free online tools you will be able to manage and enjoy this activity!

It’s fun and rewarding to be able to do such things in a foreign language just after 5-6 weeks of lessons. And for the F.A.S.T. method, 6  weeks of lessons means 6 lessons! Imagine that!

Then, why stick to completion and matching activities, rather than material that is relevant to your daily life!?

Why stay traditional when you can be F.A.S.T.? 🚀

Let’s make your future… perfect!

Sani DeliFuture Perfect vs Past Perfect -> Week 6