Teenagers are our new students!

It all started with a question.

Can the F.A.S.T. method work on younger people? 

Then, we took on this challenge and it led us to a positive outcome.

A 14-year-old girl reached B2 in a school year!

Maria Tsismenaki, 14 years old, joined Language and Motivation with every intention of mastering the French language. For 9 months, she participated in weekly based 1 hour lessons and received the same educational material as any adult would. 

The progression of levels was made step by step. 

Maria started with the lessons in September and by December she reached the B1 level. Then from January to May, she reached the B2 level. The effort she put in was studying the educational material we provided for approximately 3hours per week.

Now, we can take more young people and help them possess the language they wish to learn and expand their future choices! 




Sani DeliTeenagers are our new students!