Elina wants to share her story

Elina R. is an assistant scientist in Drug Product Development at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson. She approached Language and Motivation August of 2021 and via her company she got funded for a 3 month course in Dutch language with the F.A.S.T. method. 

She paired up with Harris A. and together, as a group of two, attended classes with Mahdy, one of the LM teachers of Dutch. 

The moment she approached us she had already lived in the Netherlands for 3 years and participated in Dutch lessons using the traditional method but only reaching the A1 level. 

With Mahdy, they worked hard and managed to be able to speak very fast, reaching the B1 level at the end of the 3 month course. 

She shared this with us: 

“After 12 lessons I started talking the language. I could never believe that can happen. Mahdy is a great teacher, with passion for his work. I highly recommend this method!”


Sani DeliElina wants to share her story