Dutch Discussion Group

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Improve your speaking skills

What you can expect from this Dutch Discussion Group

We wish to group 3-5 students to practice their speaking skills in Dutch.

Multiple Targets:

✓  Practice what you have learned.

✓  Improve your speaking skills.

✓  Meet with other experienced students.

Our teachers of Dutch will be coordinating a weekly 1.5hrs discussion.
The day and time of the meetings will be co-decided, taking into account everyone’s schedule.

*In order to participate and benefit from the process, your Dutch language level needs to be B1 or higher.

No homework required.

Discuss interesting topics with others.

Safe environment to practice speaking.

Dutch learners of B1 level and above.

Meet our teachers of Dutch

Anneta Saridaki Teacher of Dutch

Annetta is a teacher of Dutch with a teaching experience of over 20 years. She studied Dutch at the University of Leiden. She has been working with bilingual adults, as well as with children of different nationalities and backgrounds. Her aim is to motivate her students to achieve their objectives and attain success in what they are doing.

Being a teacher at Language and Motivation is a wonderful experience. You meet new people and you also work with a great team!

Jildou Broersma Teacher of Dutch

During her studies for becoming a language teacher, Jildou has learned a lot about teaching a foreign language. She has got experience teaching different levels and different ages in Dutch and English and is now mainly focusing on teaching her mother tongue, Dutch.

With the F.A.S.T. method I motivate many students to reach their language goals in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Mahdy Youssef Teacher of Dutch

Mahdy has always had a big passion for languages. He grew up knowing two different cultures and that’s where his language interest started. He studied Languages and has been tutoring since high school.

The F.A.S.T. method is a revolutionary way of teaching. I could barely imagine teaching with a different method.


Dutch Discussion Group

4 weekly meetings,
1.5hrs per week

Online meetups

No homework required

LM teacher of Dutch
facilitates the discussion

€ 115 / month for new students

€ 75 / month for active LM students

All prices include VAT 21%.

Do you have any questions?

  • I was a bit skeptical at first when I read about the practice-based teaching method, but learning Dutch this way has been amazing! The lessons are easy to follow, the teacher is fun and personable and my everyday life has become easier, as I now understand more and more words when people speak with me! Highly recommend it.

    Martina S., Digital Illustrator / Concept Artist, student of Dutch
  • I first came across Language & Motivation website while looking for a teacher for private Dutch lessons. I thought reaching B1 in three months was not possible, except in courses with classes every day, so I kept looking. But I was so intrigued that I couldn't stop thinking about it and a week later I sent an email asking for more details. Once I had settled down and was sure I could dedicate 6 hours per week to homework in the following three months, I decided to go ahead. I was impressed from the start. After the first lesson, I found myself being able to read and roughly understand a sign that had been sitting for weeks in the common room at my workplace. I guess that’s the main breakthrough of the F.A.S.T. method: it gives the students tools to break the language down to make it easier and then build it up at their own pace as they advance. It takes effort and dedication, and you only get what you give, but teacher Jildou was there to make everything clear and keep every lesson stimulating and fun.

    Márcia G., Historian, student of Dutch
  • I always had a really tough time with new languages. With "Language and motivation" things didn't miraculously change but I felt motivated, which wasn't the case with my previous experiences. And slowly I built my dutch language skills to pretty much get by in my day to day life. Now in some cases, Dutch people talk to me in Dutch without realizing I am not a Dutch speaker. I am not at a level to hold a fluent conversation yet but with "Language and Motivation" I feel I got the tools to get better slowly. My tip to new learners is to trust the process and move things at your own pace.

    Harry S., Director of R&D, student of Dutch
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