Language: French
Setup: 1 student per teacher
Level: 0-B1
Delivery: Online
Method: The Language and Motivation method
Number of lessons: 12
Lesson duration: 1.5 hour
Lesson frequency: 1 per week
Homework effort: 3-6 hours per week

For whom are these courses?

Do you already live in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, The Hague, or still in your country but getting prepared to go expand your world and live in a French-speaking country? The language and Motivation method enables you to achieve your goals in three or six months!

Private or group lessons?

In private lessons you have:

  • the full attention of your teacher.
  • educational material adapted to your personal goals
  • flexible lesson schedule

What do I learn in this level?

Beginners start today and within 3 months, they reach B1 level! It means that they will succeed in B1 level exams if they decide to pass it. It sounds incredible but with the Language and Motivation method this is possible!

After 3 months, you will be able to:

  • Follow simple presentations and demonstrations
  • Understand the general meaning of professional e-mails, letters and articles
  • Understand routine and factual newspaper articles expressing personal opinions
  • Respond to daily work communication
  • Express simple opinions and offer advice within a known area
  • Make accurate notes at meetings and seminars
  • Write articulate, semi-formal letters and e-mails on familiar matters (e.g., motivational letter)
What happy Language and Motivation learners say !

There are no words to describe Sofia !! I'm very glad that I had this amazing person as a French teacher!!! She loves her job and she makes you feel the same about French language!!! Not only teaches a foreign language but she helps you to open your horizons. Don't afraid to start this way of education! It is guaranteed you will succeed!!! She is the best! I highly recommend her as a teacher!!!!

Stella Mitaki


Its my firm belief that ,Miss Sofia is an incredible teacher!!!Not only she teaches you how to communicate in French for example, but she focuses also in the civilisation .So, you have the opportunity to learn also , about the country and the problems that people are facing, the art and the culture .Generally, you learn really interesting stuff that in reality are incorporated in the language.A language in not only about grammar and vocabulary and Miss Sofia helps you understand that.She is really meticulous but a very cordial person too!!!

Haris Manousaki


I highly recommend learning French with Sofia! She personalised the classes to my individual needs and interests and gave me material from various sources to keep things interesting and fun. Also, her positive energy is contagious

Eirini Volikou


Sophia is an excellent teacher and a wonderful person. She likes her teaching procedure to include poems, videos and articles, in french of course, which makes the lesson amusing but also teaches you many things about the french culture as well. She is very passionate about her work and she will help you understand and love the french language!

Αλεξάνδρα Μακρυδάκη


I have tried this unique way of learning french and my progress was rapid.In just a few months i got prepared to give my exams and i succeded to get a diploma of B2-upper Intermediate level. The procedure of learning was very interesting by reading articles, watcing videos or even commenting books, so you have the ability of understanding grammar and syntax by reading or watching a complete article or video. I suggest without a doubt this way of learning!!!

Niki Vassilaki

J'ai commencea apprendre le francais avec Sofia il y a deux mois et regarde comment j'écris!! Je suis tres content, parce que je sais que je peux dire deja plusieurs des choses en francais, car Sofia insiste beaucoup sur les cours oraux! Merci beaucoup, Sofia! Je pensais que les francaisetaienttres difficile, mais tu rends les choses difficiles facile!!

Fani Kalathaki



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