Dutch: Improve your speaking skills

Join a new kind of speaking group! We wish to group 4-5 Language and Motivation students to practice their speaking skills. Multiple Targets: 🎯 Practice what you have learned 🎯 Improve your speaking skills 🎯 Meet with other experienced students Our Dutch teachers πŸ‡³πŸ‡± will be coordinating the weekly 1.5hrs discussion. New group starts soon! Pricing: 115€ / month or

New Courses Continue To Start All Summer Long

We take #pride that new courses of #Dutch, #French, #English, #German and #Spanish language continue all to start all summer long. #Language unites! Pretty much like love πŸ’—. When you are ready to walk (or cycle 🚲) the rainbow road of a new language, we are there to cheer you all the way πŸ€—. #pridemonth

New Classes Every Month!

Start on the first or third week Join the innovative way of learning a new language. Lesson information and flexibility: 🎯Important notice: We suggest that you have one week to study prior to your first lesson. There are 12 weeks in your trimester, that means 12 X 1.5hrs of lessons. Each lesson is important. Make

International Women’s Day

March 8, 2021 This is a collective video about stories of women expressing their achievements. Small or big Personal or professional Individual or Collective Sometimes by:  Smashing stereotypes Launching initiatives Raising awareness about women’s equality Thinking differently Following dreams Creating a space of positivity Aimed to inspire 🎨 6 women from the Language and Motivation

New courses start in January 2021

New language courses start in January 2021. Maybe this corona situation makes it challenging for the majority of the language courses, but not for us! We are Online since 2018 and we follow all government policies and safety measures! Our Online classes are organized via Skype and Zoom and we are capable to support your

1st Dutch Conversation Cafe

πŸ‡³πŸ‡± We invite anyone who is learning the Dutch Language, in a Dutch speaking chat to practice your speaking abilities. πŸ”΄ You only need to be B1+ level to join! πŸ€— Interesting conversation topics, enthusiastic participants and lots of fun! πŸ“£ The chat coordinator will be one of the LM Dutch teachers, Mahdy Youssef. πŸ’¬

Teacher training August 31st

Next Teacher Training starts Aug 31st

Just as the summer is ending, we decided to do another Teacher Training for you restless teachers! We continue to practice the Language and Motivation method, more and more successfully and our aim is to share this method with other teachers and create a community were language teaching is on a new level. Check out


Interview of Sofia Karfi on Public TV, ERT3

We are thankful to Fani Kalathaki for inviting us for an interview on the Public television ERT3, to speak about the Language and Motivation method! You can watch it here and don’t forget to turn on the English subtitles πŸ˜‰

New addition: Learn Spanish

Hello to everyone! We are very happy to announce our new collaboration with Vaggelio Dimitraki, the Spanish Teacher of Language and Motivation. We want to welcome her in our team and wish for a great journey of exploring paths to language learning. We are ready to guide our students to the level they want in