…because Speaking is key!

Did you know that our educational material includes VIDEOS?

This is the exercise that learners love the most!

  • Why?
  • Because it includes videos! 

As as a beginner, each video is approximately 1-3 minutes long (max 3 mins).

You activate the subtitles on and pay attention. 

The goal is: 

  1. To understand what the video is about, translate in your native language.
  2. To create a summary of the video in the language that you are learning. 
  3. Then read this summary aloud. It helps to imagine that you are describing it to someone else.
  4. Loud and clear. 

Tools for that:

  • A translation site.
  • Your imagination and knowledge of other languages to guess the words that might be foreign to you.
  • Word editor or plain pen and paper to keep notes of the most important things of the video you watch. 

This exercise is so unique that you won’t find something like this in traditional learning books. 

It helps you form sentences and paragraphs based on how you would form them naturally, without dictating a foreign way of expression.

We learn to speak with our own choice of words and not through a language book. This is the reason why it is so effective and the learning process so deep. It’s extremely powerful. 

What to do: 

Use the simplest words that you already know, enrich it with new words that you learned through the video, in order to make this summary. 

Repeat it a few times till it feels natural.

What not to do: 

Don’t try to use very hard vocabulary or only new words in your text.

Help yourself to do what the exercise requires, using the most suitable words.

It’s already an accomplishment that you are able to mediate a 1-3-minute video in the language you are learning.

Therefore, stay with this flow and enjoy the step by step progress that you are already making!

Try a video in Dutch!

Sani Deli…because Speaking is key!