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Sofia Karfi LM founder, Teacher of French and Teacher Training Course

Highly-skilled teacher with passion for delivering high-quality learning experiences with innovative ways of teaching and digital material that keeps students engaged. Proven track record of driving students to high CEFRL-level certifications in short time. Strengths include: – More than 10 years of teaching experience. – Talent in motivating students and encouraging them to participate in the class. – Rigorous on equal opportunity for all students, regardless of their skills, attainment, and needs.

Maria Neophytou Teacher of English

“I am an experienced ESL/EFL teacher for one-on-one tutoring and group instruction. Recognised aptitude to remain flexible, ensuring that all learning styles and abilities are addressed. A highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated educator who wants everyone to be successful learners. My lessons also introduce concepts related to life and social skills. I am a learner myself and was looking for a way of learning a new language that is curated to my learning style and everyday life. I was pleased to learn about Sofia’ s teaching method that adjusted perfectly in my curriculum. It was fascinating to learn how could I go from A1 to B1 in three months. Now I have the opportunity to help like-minded individuals who seek knowledge beyond the traditional classroom and have fun on the way.”

Georgia Markaki Teacher of German

“Teaching means for me, being creative. With experience with traditional teaching for over 10 years, I can confess that I do the job that I love and makes me happy. Every student is a new challenge for me. When I first heard of this method of teaching, I remember my reaction, when I was informed that “Grammar is useless”. Shocked! I couldn’t agree, as I always loved teaching grammar. Nevertheless, I tried it with my students and indeed, it works! Now, I cannot return to traditional teaching, as I find it time-consuming and expensive. I am looking forward to learn Spanish and why not, more languages with this method! Have fun with it and the best results are waiting for us!”

Chara Siafaka Teacher of Portuguese

Chara - whose name means Joy - is an experienced and motivated teacher. "Studies show that teacher's expectations have a huge impact on student achievement. That is the reason why I have high expectations for all of my students. I expect a lot from each student, but those expectations are both challenging and realistic. This doesn't mean that all students are held to the same high standard, but instead that I know what each student is capable of individually, I strive to help each one attain their personal best."


Bo Gerretsen Teacher of Dutch

Bo is a passionate teacher of Dutch. She is committed to motivate her students´ curiosity and interest in learning. She guides her students to the desired level through motivation, positivity, knowledge and passion for the profession.

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Why they love us

I highly recommend learning French with Sofia! She personalised the classes to my individual needs and interests and gave me material from various sources to keep things interesting and fun. Also, her positive energy is contagious

Eirini Volikou, Lawyer

It's my firm belief that ,Miss Sofia is an incredible teacher!!!Not only she teaches you how to communicate in French for example, but she focuses also in the civilisation .So, you have the opportunity to learn also , about the country and the problems that people are facing, the art and the culture .Generally, you learn really interesting stuff that in reality are incorporated in the language.A language in not only about grammar and vocabulary and Miss Sofia helps you understand that.She is really meticulous but a very cordial person too!!!

Haris Manousaki, Biologist

There are no words to describe Sofia !! I'm very glad that I had this amazing person as a French teacher!!! She loves her job and she makes you feel the same about French language!!! Not only teaches a foreign language but she helps you to open your horizons. Don't afraid to start this way of education! It is guaranteed you will succeed!!! She is the best! I highly recommend her as a teacher!!!!

Stella Mitaki, Economist
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