5 principles of learning a new language fast and effective

Can you really learn a language that fast?


These days the challenges we are faced with are intense and communication is key to make things easier.
We have seen a lot of people immerse themselves in a new country and fail to learn the language.
Because it is simply overwhelming. Learning a new language is based on some principles that interchange between attention, meaning, relevance and memory.

What are the 5 Principles?
1. Chose a language that is relevant to you and to your personal goals.
You need to be dedicated to learn it.
2. Use the language you are learning from day one. Even if that means you just use words one next to another like babies do! Don’t be afraid, be creative and have fun!
3. When listening to conversations you can understand the message even if you don’t know the words yet. That can help acquire the language unconsciously.
4. Learning a new language needs muscles. Exercise those face muscles by copying the face movements of people who speak the language.
5. Last but not least, be in the right psycho-physiological state.
Who can learn if they are in pain or moody?

Do all of the above and you are guaranteed to be fluent in a new language in a few months time!

Just be tolerant of ambiguity and have fun!

The F.A.S.T. method is here to accompany you to this language learning journey.

  • We provide all the educational material that is needed.
  • Lessons tailored to your needs.
  • You get flexibility as a working adults.
  • You can reach your goals in a few months.

Content created by Chris Lonsdale during a TEDx talk.
Watch the talk here http://bit.ly/2Do9eAe

Sani Deli5 principles of learning a new language fast and effective