3 reasons why you should participate in a discussion group when you learn Dutch

In a language discussion group you will meet participants of similar status, discuss and exchange views. So, if at least one of the following reasons is enough to make a change in your life, just do it!

  1. Language lessons are not enough. Despite the fact that you might have chosen the best teacher or the most efficient learning method, sooner or later you realize that you need to practice in real life conversations. To use what you already know, old and new vocabulary and all those beautiful expressions you learn every day. By doing that, you will feel more able and confident to communicate with others, even if you use only what you know already. Don’t forget that “practice makes perfect”!
    You often get the advice that you should go out there and just try to make small talk, either in the supermarket or at work, but you feel not ready for that. You feel vulnerable and that’s totally normal. Real life situations are not the safest environment for you to practice in. A language discussion group is that safe environment.
  2. While practicing and applying your knowledge aiming to communicate your opinion in a group of people, a language coach is there for you. This means that any mistakes you will make will be heard by a professional, who will encourage you to correct them, without even you realizing it. A discussion group is not a synonym to a language lesson. Instead, it’s a meeting with a few more people plus an experienced tutor who will always find a way to help you learn through your mistakes, while you practice the language.
  3. Like any habit or skill you seek to develop, having a buddy or more, will definitely help you speak a new foreign language better. People who participate in a discussion group like this, have the same purpose and motivation as you, that is to be fluent as soon as possible in speaking Dutch. They can be your learning buddies during this challenging journey. 

These are three reasons why you should be a part of a discussion group in order to help yourself practice your knowledge and get rid of the insecurity of speaking Dutch. You can do it and you will arrive at that goal soon, you just need to follow the path that will get you there.

If you want to make a gift to yourself, benefit from this opportunity and participate in our Dutch discussion group, join us now!

You are more than welcome to try out for some weeks, check how useful this experience can be for you and develop new skills this year!

See you there!

Sani Deli3 reasons why you should participate in a discussion group when you learn Dutch