For whom are these courses?

Do you already live in Germany, in Switzerland or still in your country but getting prepared to go expand your world? The Language and Motivation method enables you to achieve your goals in three or six months!

Level A0-B1

What do I learn in this level?

Beginners start today and within 3 months, they reach B1 level! Ιf they decide to pass the B1 level exam, they need one more month of lessons to focus and fully prepare it. It sounds incredible but with the Language and Motivation method, this is possible!

After 3 months, you will be capable to:

Follow simple presentations and demonstrations

 Understand the general meaning of professional e-mails, letters and articles

Understand routine and factual newspaper articles expressing personal opinions

Respond to daily work communication

Express simple opinions and offer advice within a known area

Make accurate notes at meetings and seminars

Write articulate, semi-formal letters and e-mails on familiar matters (e.g., motivational letter)

Level B1-B2

What do I learn in this level?

Independent users (B1) start today and within 3 months, they reach B2 level! Ιf they decide to pass the B2 level exam, they need one more month of lessons to focus and fully prepare it. This is half the time in comparison with traditional lessons!

After 3 months, you will be capable to:

Follow extended speeches and lectures

Understand the main ideas of complex articles, letters, e-mails, on both concrete and abstract topics, including discussions in your field of specialization

Offer detailed advice to clients within job area

Participate with ease in daily work communication

✓ Argue and express detailed opinions at meetings and seminars

Interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity with native speakers

Give an interview (e.g., for job application)

Individual or group lessons?

Both options are excellent. Yet, depending on your work, personality and learning style, one of them might be more suitable for you. Here are few things to consider:

Individual lessons

  • The lessons can be personalized and reflect exactly what you want or need.

  • Your lesson time can be scheduled around your life and work.

  • You can work on sensitive work-related material that you don’t want to share with a class.          

Group lessons

  • Educational material adapted to your personal goals.

  • Learning in a group can take the pressure off of you.

  • Interacting with your classmate is highly effective for your language development.

  • Sofia is an inspirational and passionate teacher! She's also very understanding and adaptable to your needs. Thanks to the Language and Motivation method, you will explore a new way of learning a language that is both fun and challenging! I have already taken the 3-month course for French and I am continuing to another one, so I strongly recommend her 🙂 My only regret is not having started the lessons earlier. So don't hesitate and do it now!

    Evgenia Kartsaki, PhD Candidate, INRIA, student of French
  • Mahdy, the Dutch teacher is very good and always made me feel comfortable.

    Ilaria Flamminj, Medical Personnel, student of Dutch
  • I never understand how the time passes during my classes with Bo. I have a lot of fun and learn Dutch without even noticing! She is very resourceful and helpful, which makes it super easy to tackle challenges along the way. Dankjewel voor alles!

    Dilara Oğuz, Entertainment Services, student of Dutch
  • How does it feel to have lessons with Mahdy? It is always a great pleasure to learn with him. It is a great inspiration and we see the success after every week. Ik kijk ernaar uit naar onze weekelijkse "date". There is a big motivation to reach my goal step by step!! Thank you both, Mahdy and Sofia.

    Katrin Seidel, student of Dutch
  • I highly recommend learning French with Sofia! She personalised the classes to my individual needs and interests and gave me material from various sources to keep things interesting and fun. Also, her positive energy is contagious

    Eirini Volikou, Lawyer
  • Thank you, Sofia and Sani very much. We haven't started and it's already a very nice and organized experience! The process is so fun! I should have started earlier!

    Nadia Nikolaidou Igkniatovits, twenty3 Digital Agency, student of Spanish
  • It's my firm belief that, Miss Sofia is an incredible teacher! Not only she teaches you how to communicate in French for example, but she focuses also in the civilisation. So, you have the opportunity to learn also about the country and the problems that people are facing, the art and the culture. Generally, you learn really interesting stuff that in reality are incorporated in the language. A language in not only about grammar and vocabulary and Miss Sofia helps you understand that. She is really meticulous but a very cordial person too!!!

    Haris Manousaki, Biologist